Vansa Chatikavanij Net Worth (Updated 2022)

What is Vansa Chatikavanij net worth? According to us Vansa Chatikavanij net worth is estimated at around $30 Million in 2017 her company Omise has raised over $25 Million worth of Ethereum


Vansa Chatikavanij is an American entrepreneur, cryptocurrency expert and also a successful tech giant she is listed among the top 50 influential women in the cryptocurrency industry

There is no doubt that Vansa Chatikavanij has made a huge achievements from what she has been doing she is currently the co founder and also the CEO OF OMG Net work.

Vansa Chatikavanij is among the wealthy ladies in the cryptocurrency industry she has more than a fortune from what she is doing. She has also proven that what a man can do a woman can also do better.

Vansa chatikavanij net worth

These days it’s very hard to see a woman in the tech field and this is because girls can’t cope with it; according to the statistics on the internet it was reported that ladies in the tech industry are less than 5%.

Been among the lucky ladies in the planet a lot of people keep on asking for Vansa Chatikavanij net worth and that’s the main reason why we decided to write down this content

To clear peoples doubt today we are going to determine her net worth by evaluating all that she has been making from what she has been doing.

So let’s get to Vansa Chatikavanij net worth 2022

Net worth$30 Milion

Vansa Chatikavanij Crypto Career and Net worth

Before we get to her net worth lets first look at her career first so  to understand who she is  

The internet haven’t known much about this young lady and this is because she never revealed her own personal affairs to the public

Based on the report that we gathered we believe that Vansa Chatikavanij was born and raised in Thailand but she spent most of her life in the united state of America.

Vansa Chatikavanij is currently the CEO of OMG net worth also she served as a managing director at OmiseGo. There is no doubt that she has achieved a lot

Vansa Chatikavanij isn’t like ordinary ladies she is a hard working woman with great reputation.

The main reason why we write down this content is to determine Vansa Chatikavanij net worth so let’s not waste much time here on her biography

Also keep bearing in mind that this net worth that you are about to read is more like a prediction we only make evaluations of what we know she has made and we declare net worth that’s all

Let’s dive into Vansa Chatikavanij net worth straight away

Vansa Chatikavanij income from Tech industry

This is where the content gets interesting Vansa Chatikavanij happens to be among the lucky women in the world in the world and this is because she has fit herself into the best industry

Generally tech isn’t for ladies; even the statistic shows that only 5% of women are in the tech industry. That the internet haven’t known much about Vansa Chatikavanij; she doesn’t even have a profile with Wikipedia

To know Vansa Chatikavanij net worth we must know how much her company worth on the global market.

Well according to a blog on the internet it was stated that her company Omise have raise over $25 Million worth of Etherum in the years 2017, and by 2022 the company is worth over $30 Million

Now that we have known how much her company is worth its time we make an ending to this content by telling her net worth

Vansa Chatikavanij Net worth 2022

Vansa Chatikavanij net worth is estimated at around $30 Million in 2017 her company Omise has raised over $25 Million worth of Ethereum

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